Transit Rants (Vancouver; December 5 2012)

by totalcontrivance

Bus rode with and through muffled umbrella beat

hidden from view

half movements misunderstood but given up all the same.

It’s something you want to give over

to breach gaps and cure wonders

like if we could get into the same rhythm for a few


everything might be okay.

Keep laughing.

And please, keep drumming

keep drawing us back to your primordial heartbeat

that we’ve been killing to keep out of sync.

And I’ll keep watching

take beat and crook

put beat to sheet

trying to keep it still

trying to transcribe sound and meaning—

ever elusive to this naïve and illusioned finger.

I’ll keep chasing.

Remember to turn for a


without missing a beat

(to miss it would be death,

a great and divisive death)

and it’ll be me that you see:

hooded haunted and hammered

ducking behind corners

looking neat and tidy and

leaving wakes of chaos

sinking ferryboats

and lost lovers

stolen goods

multitudes of failures.

You might want to kill me

aim umbrella gun and consider


Think fear

all the while never missing the beat


you are keeping the world alive,

just barely.

It doesn’t take much.