Por autobús/ Estació del Nord (Barcelona; 7 Septiembre 2012)

by totalcontrivance

… and I only want to know, really know now, how lucky I am to look down while ascending—motionless on the escalator—
to look down to see two beautiful faces smiling waving up at me,
two burning furies, each burning different coloured flames, I can’t get close enough to see the texture, the nuance of the colours
or how exactly those flames lick the air, but I know them just the same.
They are two entities in flight, and I want to know that I have been lucky to pass by them, pass through them,
that I want to contain it, to keep it, to put these flames in a jar the way you would a firefly, and to carry them with me always, borrowing from them only to add to them again later until we don’t know whose flames they are;
some sort of hybrid: una luz mezclada.