Medium (Canet Plage; 8 de septiembre, 2012)

by totalcontrivance

You called to me from out of the dark and the heat,
interrupting restless sleep,
a sleep begging to be interrupted.
I think I had been dreaming of your mother;
I approached her as I would a sage,
and her voice took on strange distortions which must have been due
to the distance she traveled to get into my dream.
She is beautiful and we might already know each other.
But between 3 and 4 in the morning, some say,
is the spirit hour; an hour in which the spirits are more active.
Seeing as you call to me from out of the dark
of this in-between hour,
from within the space between night and day—
are you my spirit calling?
are you calling my spirit?
what do you call my spirit?